Carriers & Reinsurers


With over 2,100 insurance brokers, we have one of the largest Nonstandard Auto distribution network in California with more than 1-million policyholders.

We manage our distribution system by evaluating broker performance via our score-carding system in order to assure that your program is represented by the broadest and most talented Nonstandard Auto distribution base in the state.

What is the company’s history?

The company started in 1974 as SCJ Insurance Services, and quickly grew to become one of the largest non-standard auto program administrators in California and has since expanded to new states. Bridger bought out SCJ in June 2017.

Who owns the company?

The company is privately held by individual shareholders with a board of directors providing oversight to the company growth and success.

What lines of business does the company write?

The company primarily writes non-standard automobile and homeowners insurance, and has aggressive expansion plans for complementary lines and ancillary products.

How large is the company’s distribution?

There are more than 1-million policy holders and more than 2,000 agent locations in California. The company also holds licenses in Arizona and Texas and is planning further expansion.

What is the company’s vision?

The company is focused on applying an unheard of level of cutting edge technology and deeply sophisticated analytical rigor to meet the needs of the consolidating and big data driven environment of carriers and reinsurers.

What are the company’s capabilities?

The company can provide anything between turnkey program development, management, distribution, statutory reporting, and everything a carrier would without the balance sheet or, SCJ can merely distribute and report a partner’s program.

Proprietary Modeling

Our Finance and Analytics teams are uniquely armed with proprietary modeling to forecast development and performance trends.

Best-in-Class Management

Our team’s backgrounds include Carrier, Private Equity, Banking, MGAs, Reinsurance, and Actuarial experience with more degrees than a university.

Program Development

Our Program Development team works with you to create  programs that are in line with your growth goals. From filing to actively managing performance.

Analytical Capabilities

Our team is second to none in analytical rigor. We can an eye on the horizon to keep your program ahead of the curve.

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