Filing a claim

We work with a variety of insurance carriers to assure your specific needs can be met. However, claims do arise and going through the claims process is not something anyone looks forward to. Below are the carriers we work with in automotive and home insurance. If the company on your insurance policy is not listed below, then please contact your broker.

Dongbu Insurance

Policy # begins with FR
York Risk Services
Call 866-391-9675

Danielson 270x240-01
Danielson National Insurance

Policy # begins with 14NSA or 14 MNA
Call 800-928-8601

national general
National General Insurance

Policy # begins with NG
National General
Call 866-791-7425

national american
National American Insurance

Policy # begins with 10 PPA
Call 800-928-8601

ocean harbor
safe auto
Ocean Harbor Insurance

Policy # begins with SCJ or OM
AFA Claims
Call 855-858-8142

Response Indemnity Co. of California

Policy # begins with RI
DMA Claims Service
Call 855-359-6438

Safe AUto Insurance

Policy # begins with SA
Safe Auto Claims
Call 855-777-9052

Americas Insurance

Policy # begins with AM
North American Risk Services
Call 800-315-6090

Sutter Insurance

Policy # begins with XHO
Sutter Claims
Call 800-530-1124 x257

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