Management Team

Management Team

The management team comes from a diverse background of insurance, finance, technology, and start-ups. With more than 100-years combined experience, the synergy of this team assures current needs for brokers and policyholders are maintained, while at the same time the company is able to invest in new technologies that will create news ways to purchase and manage insurance across various industries.

Kimo Winterbottom — Chief Executive Officer

At 6’4″, Kimo has the height to see far into the future as Bridger’s visionary leader. With vast start-up experience raising more than $100-million in capital, he’s assembled an A-team of leaders to help guide Bridger into the future of insurance. He’s a get-it-done type guy with a passion for driving new technologies to address in consumer demands and the way insurance will be transacted in the future.

Martin Newby — Chief Operational Officer

Martin is no “newby” to challenges. Actually, he is one who thrives when a problem crosses his desk. He’s the company’s overall problem and operational guru. Such challenges help him continue to refine the company’s operational strengths, optimize its growth, and improve claims risks so Bridger remains a financially viable and highly successful company.

Ken Chow, CPA — Chief Financial Officer

Ken has a lot of pencils and ledgers spread across his desk as he delves daily into Bridger’s finances. As Bridger’s Chief Financial Officer, he is a wizard in his own right with the numbers he balances. His focus is on increasing the company’s value and financial standing in the industry with investors, but more importantly with policyholders to assure claims can be properly paid in a timely manner.

Charles Bobo — Chief Marketing Officer

Charles has his own box of 152 Crayola Crayons on his desk as Bridger’s head of marketing. He gets to engross himself in the fun stuff of branding the company in the world of digital and traditional marketing as he discovers new ways of attracting agents and consumers to Bridger’s products and services.

DeeDee Engel — Chief Administrative Officer

DeeDee’s versatility keeps everyone in the company on their toes. She drives much of the company’s culture for an open and fun environment, streamlines and creates a more practical flow for operations and administration, promotes collaboration, and ensures Bridger remains compliant with Federal and State regulations.

Craig Ott — Senior Vice President

Craig is the Yoda of Bridger through his extensive insurance technology career. His primary focuses include developing and managing the company’s overall corporate strategy, leading the development and ROI of new technology initiatives, and optimizing performance of the company’s policy management system.

Chris Ruyak — Executive Vice President

Chris is driven by the challenge of constant dissatisfaction with the status quo; always searching for new opportunities. He is focused on new business development, products, and helping develop Bridger’s strategic plans for expanding services, carrier relationships and helping take the company into new markets.

Farhan Husain — VP Program Management

Farhan’s gears are always turning as the company’s lead engineer and statistician. He knows how to crunch and analyze the numbers through actuarial science, program management, analytics, and technology. He strives to take insurance to the next evolutionary step and is guided by a drive to turn such visions into reality.

Peter Nirenberg — Chief Architectural Officer

Peter likes to build things. We took his tinker toys away and instead gave him control to develop Bridger’s IT and Policy Management System architecture. He’s also leading research for implementing blockchain and telematics strategies into the company’s future products for mobile platforms.

Destiny Omoto, CPCU — VP Underwriting

Destiny is everything underwriting; the proverbial guardian at the gate for keeping the company’s risks in a position where policy holders are properly cared for, yet the company is able to remain in business. With a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter designation in-hand, her expertise is rivaled by few.

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