In addition to Personal Auto Insurance, SCJ offers Roadside Assistance; when your car becomes disabled, you want safe and reliable roadside assistance. Our Emergency Roadside Assistance coverage helps you when you’re stuck.


Our staff of courteous and professional Assistance Coordinators are trained to meet our customers’ roadside emergency needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.  Our emergency roadside assistance services include:


  • 24-hour dispatch of emergency towing assistance: Tow service to the nearest qualified service facility, or to the issuing dealership, or other destination designated by the client.
  • 24-hour dispatch of emergency supplies: Emergency supply of gasoline, oil, fluid and water.
  • 24-hour dispatch of flat tire assistance: Assistance to inflate, repair or replace the flat tire with the vehicle’s spare tire
  • 24-hour emergency battery assistance: Assistance to jump-start the vehicle
  • 24-hour emergency lock-out assistance: Assistance of a locksmith to allow entry into the vehicle. Duplicate keys can be made at the customers’ request and expense
  • 24-hour emergency dispatch for collision towing: Tow service to the nearest qualified repair facility, or to the issuing dealership, or other destination designated by the client.


Not only is your car important, so is your home and everything in it. SCJ’s Homeowners Program is here to help you with exactly that. With a variety of homeowners coverage options, you can feel safe knowing your home and those who live there are protected. SCJ’s HO-3 Program options include:


    • Dwelling Protection: Provides major property coverage that protects your house and attached structures if it is damaged by a covered peril.
    • Protection to Other Structures: Provides protections to other structures on the residence premises that are not attached to the dwelling.
    • Personal Property: Provides protection for the contents of your home and other personal belongings owned by you and other family members who live with you.
    • Additional Living Expenses: Helps with additional living expenses if your home is damaged by a peril against to the the extent that you cannot live in your home.
    • Personal Liability Protection: Provides coverage in the event you or a resident of your household are legally responsible for injury to others.
    • Medical Protection for your Guests: Pays for reasonable medical expenses for persons accidentally injured on your property.


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